with Joan & Lorena (Spanish)

with a youtuber named Louis Cole(British)

a evening walking shoot at Jaipur

city view of jaipur by a fort

me at airplane for first time

at hawa mahal in Jaipur, freezing the time

airplane side view from window

criss cross way to up the mountain

clock house at city palace

coming back in delhi and revisitng lotus temple

bought a poster of steve, he'd of Einstein, i've of him

me cycling and exploring my neighbors

shooting at hometown of a frog iin drain

at republic day, world fastest fighter jet

nature hay storer at hometown

railways tracks near my house one in home town

me being a cowboy(shephard...correct it)

evening walk to reap crops for dinner

tube well for irrigation, near home town

a tarin to New Delhi, departing through home town

night shoot while rainning, still at hoome town

finally leaving home town, headed toward Delhi, this is driver

another early morning shot of cloudy day on tracks

keeping patience and siting on bench of that platform for that one day

the wall before leaving jaipur hostel

thisrty at the top of that mountain