I'm a content maker on internet, loves making movie short documentaries and more basically love to do any sort of thing that involves having a camera and want to collaborate with any interested once who is having the same value for it, still in New Delhi but soon in Mumbai (to confirm where I'm now mail me at

Secondly I love business and corporations, and moving forward, ahh who doesn't, but I'm working on some projects and love to hear from anyone who like to work together. Anyone, send about your the next business plan, let me know at do it quick I'm not waiting for you..

I've been working on a tutorial project on YouTube and it's still going on. I call this project TAKE HELP, who wants to work on this with me, mail me at

I'm also a photographer of all genres, I love taking pictures of anything regardless of the camera gear, I don't take camera and shoot but I rather see, find and then quickly take out the camera and freeze all at once. See my Instagram at @shaileshmi

So that's not all that I'm working on and also doesn't want to take boring. So I'd glad to hear from you, just mail me at

working with